'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood' Part 4 - Review

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Part 4 consists of episodes 40 ("The Dwarf in the Flask") to 52 ("Combined Strength").

The first half of this Part sees the Elrics travelling on their quest to restore their own bodies as they usually do, but the last seven or so episodes have us back in Central for the main showdown between the Elrics and their allies, and the creature called "Father" and the seven deadly sins ... Well, six - Greed is back and is still a loose cannon. Something on the order of 15-20 episodes are eventually spent on the fight for Central (stretching through most of Part 5), and it's a lot less fun than the rest of the show. There are a lot of standoffs, with people making declarations, static images of attacks, and close-ups of twitching eyes.