'Redline' - Movie Review

Imagine the live-action "Speed Racer" re-imagined (once again) as Anime, but with the idea that the live-action version was far too subtle. Throw in some breasts so it's no longer kid-friendly. But weirdly, despite an impressive number of explosions and fist-fights, nobody is seriously injured or dies.

Our main character is "Sweet" JP, a racer who we first see in the Yellowline race. He has a 1950s ducktail haircut that extends about 50 cm from his forehead, and a charming personality - thus the nickname. He's also got a mechanic named Frisbee who's indebted to the mob and has got him into race fixing. Despite coming second in the Yellowline, he makes the galaxy-famous Redline race when a couple racers drop out. Competition is cut-throat - in the most literal sense, as the racers put weapons on their cars. JP gets in touch with Sonoshee, the woman who beat him in the Yellowline. And the final race is taking place on Roboworld, which didn't agree to the race and gets their military out to attack the drivers.

I watched a low-res English dub version (that broke up badly on any action) on YouTube - only to find out after I'd watched it that there's a much higher-res version available. But I'm surely not watching it again. It's very pretty and unbelievably ridiculous. Unlike some Anime movies, it does actually have a cohesive storyline - although not a particularly good one.